LysoGide - Absorbable Collagen Membrane


Absorbable Collagen Membrane for Guided bone Regeneration in Dental Surgery




1. Characteristics of LysoGide
  • Safety LysoGide is fully resorbable, natural collagen membrane with a high level of biocompatibility. It is made from Australian porcine pericardium with strict traceability and manufactured by a unique procedure for the removal of cells and antigens without collagen cross-linking techniques. It is not obtained from extracted collagens. It is resorbed without inflammation and maintains a durable barrier fuction.
  • Convenience No second surgery required for membrane removal. Easy handling and good adaptation in any types of bone defect with excellent flexibility.
  • Excellence LysoGide is an optimal product  for guided bone regeneration that has a bilayer structure, that is, a smooth surface preventing ingrowth of unwanted cells and a little coarse opposite surface promoting adhesion and proliferation of bone-forming cells. It's stability against biodegradation lasts an average of six months that is sufficient for the successful bone regeneration.

2. Structure of LysoGide

Lysogide is verified to have a smooth, highly-dense surface and a rough opposite surface with a network structure by the scanning electron microscopy. 
The smooth upper surface prevents ingrowth of fibroblasts and the rough bottom surface allows invasion of osteoblastic cells and osteogenesis within blood clot.

3. Tensile strength of LysoGide

LysoGide has a tensile strength of an average of 6.3 MPa (similar to A product (imported)).

4. Flexibility of LysoGide

Easy handling and good adhesion in any types of bone defect with excellent flexibility. It provides convenience dental surgery.

5. Scientific data

  • Histological section of collagen degradation (in vivo, rat) Subcutaneous implantation test: A product (imported) is nearly completely resorbed within 24 weeks. LysoGide is distinctly identified after 24 weeks.
  • Histological section of guided bone regeneration (in vivo, rat) After 6-8 months of healing, thin layer of LysoGide is maintained. After 8 months, bone regeneration is complete and bone marrow is shown within newly formed, mature bone.


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