DENU Clear Varnish


DENU Clear Varnish Fluoride


DENU Clear Varnish

1.) Contains high-enriched fluoride, long-lasting fluoride release
2.) Contains tricalcium phosphate (TCP) for continuous and effective fluoride release
3.) High adsorptive power for fast tooth surface coating
4.) Long-lasting sealing of the exposed dentinal tubules for relief of hypersensitivity
5.) Transparency provides natural tooth color for esthetic effect seet and fresh apple flavor for easy access to children

• For effective cure, it is recommended not to eat or drink wihtin 30 minutes - 1 hour after the treatment or not to brush teeth within at least 4-6 hours

Direction for use :

1.) Open the unit-dose package gently to reveal the varnish and brush
2.) Mix the varnish well using a brush
3.) Apply the varnish evenly to the teeth using a brush

Effects of fluoride protective layer :

• The long coating of Denu clear varnish on the teeth leads to continuous and effective emission of fluoride and tricalcium phosphase (TCP) on the tooth surface, enabling dental care and effective treatment of hypersensitivity
• Fluoride ion in saliva makes fluorpatite and strengthens dental enamel
• Denu clear varnish provides effective caries prevention by mixing with sodium fluoride which offers excellent delivery of fluoride ion


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